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I Quiche You Not

From the day I was born I have hated eggs. It didn't matter how they were served fried, poached, deviled, scrambled I wouldn't touch them.

When I was young and getting ready for school in the mornings my mother would be downstairs frying my brother a couple of eggs before he left for school and just the smell of those eggs cooking made me gag and I couldn't get out of the house fast enough.

Looking back now it's possible my mother cooked these eggs on purpose so I would hurry and get to the bus stop and not miss the bus like I had a tendency to do.

When I had my first child I decided I had to get over my dislike of the smell of eggs cooking because I wanted her to try them. So I scrambled a couple of eggs while trying not to gag and placed them in front of her and watched her chubby little hands grab a handful of the eggs and stuff them in her mouth and she looked up at me and grinned with egg all over face and dove in for more.

I knew then I'd be cooking eggs for the rest of my life especially after having two more kids who enjoyed them too.

Years later I stumbled across a Quiche Lorraine recipe and quickly tried it out on my growing kids and it was a big success but I didn't care for it so it was another couple of years before I made another one.

Finally I decided to give quiche another go and that's when it hit me you can literally put anything into a quiche.

I have since made every combination imaginable veggie, taco, potato, sausage, steak, ham and so many more plus they are always loaded with whatever cheese I have on hand.

But the biggest surprise is that I found out about quiche is that I actually like it.

It started slowly and at first and I had to top it with ketchup or hot sauce but eventually my love of anything in a flakey pie crust won over and now I have an egg dish that I actually look forward to eating.

So if you haven't had a quiche or made one in a while give it a go as its a quick easy breakfast, lunch or dinner and make it even easier on yourself and use a store bought pie crust.

Don't forget to let me know how it comes out!

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